Organic Crops in Pots

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How to Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs (Green Home)

Here's how to grow your own produce any place where space is at a premium. A tiny yard, balcony, or sunny windowsill can hold pots of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs--and these 30 brilliant projects will show you not only how to grow them all from scratch, but how to plant them in an array of attractive containers, from colanders to recycled tins. There's an amazing range of crops that can be grown this way, including herbs, climbing beans, root vegetables, chilies, soft fruits, and cut-and-come-again salad leaves. Growing your own also means you can ensure that all your crops are produced organically, and this book is packed with tips and techniques, from advice on feeding and watering to knowing when to harvest. "Organic Crops in Pots" tempts the novice gardener to get growing and the more experienced gardener to grow organically. *Create your own organic garden using containers that will enhance the tiniest of outdoor spaces. *Learn how to grown more than 30 easy varieties of root vegetables and leafy crops, herbs, and fruits. *How to deter pests and avoid chemicals so your crops are naturally organic and delicious.

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