The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Hydroponics

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Grow Your Own Personal Hydroponic Plants, Fruits, and Vegetables in No Time

Kindle Edition

Thank you for viewing this E-Book on Hydroponics! In this E-Book you will learn everything you need to know to start growing your own Hydroponic Plants in no time. It will give you step by step instructions to build a Deep Water Culture System in less than an hour. This book will discuss the different types of Hydroponic Systems. You will be able to distinguish which one you prefer. This is a Great Book for Beginners and those who want to start a Hydroponic System with little to no knowledge of Hydroponics.

This book will discuss the different types of Nutrients and what Nutrients are made of. There is a difference between Macronutrients and Micronutrients for your plants and the ratios. The different types of Solutions you can use for your plants. The NPK Ratio and what is means for the Nutrients in your plants. The PPM, EC, CF, and what it means for the Nutrients and growth of your plants. There is a nice chart showing the different PPM and EC ranges for different plants in this book as well.

Are you going to use plants that have already been started or are you going to grow them from the seed? There is a chapter in this book on Germination. This chapter will guide you through germinating your seeds. It will discuss the different growing mediums and methods you can use.

Did you know that you can Clone your best plant? In this book there is a chapter that will tell you step by step how this is done. It will also give you some specifics like what temperature and what the humidity will need be. Cloning is very easy and anyone can do it.

The Temperature, Humidity, and PH Balance are very important for the growth of your plants. They are all discussed in this book. Knowing what the temperature or humidity in your growing room and water should be in is very important. Knowing the PH Balance of your water and how to know how to get the PH Balance is very important also.

Have you ever heard of Dissolved Oxygen? Did you know that Dissolved Oxygen is very important for the growth and health of your plants? How do you get Dissolved Oxygen to your plants? How to check to see if your plants are getting enough Dissolved Oxygen?

Lighting for your indoor Hydroponic System is another very important issue when it comes to growing Hydroponic Plants. How hot or how bright can determine how well the plant grows. What is the right temperature to keep your growing room in or the water for the plants? How can you measure the temperature so that you can monitor it?

Your system will need to be flushed from time to time. This book will tell you how to flush your system. There can be some dissolved salt build up on your plants and on your Hydroponic System. It is good to know how to flush your Hydroponic System. It can also help your air pump from getting clogged. There is a chapter in this book to help you learn how to Flush your Hydroponic System.

What type of water are you going to use? This can be another important factor when growing your plants. Did you know that Mineral Water can actually hurt your plants? Can you use Tap Water? Some people’s Tap Water can be Hard Water and Hard Water cannot be used on your plants. This book will help you use the right water for your Hydroponic System.

This is a Great Book for someone to get started growing plants in Hydroponics. It will cover all the basics. There is enough information in this book to get you started in no time.

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