Support Companies

We are sharing our list of support companies to ensure we are transparent and to give you an opportunity to let us know of any risks. If you feel any of these companies do not support our vision or values please let us know; we do not promise to terminate our relationship with the company immediately, but we will seriously consider transitioning if the company does not share our values.


Mailchimp - we use Mailchimp for our newsletter system to streamline our communications with our network in a legal and beautiful way.

Out of the Sandbox - we use Out of the Sandbox for our website design because they offer amazing service and high quality responsive designs. 

Shopify - we use Shopify to host our website because it is fast and supports blogging and store content.


Alternative - we us Alternative garments for some of our higher end products because they offer fashionable designs that are socially and environmentally friendly.  

American Apparel - we use American Apparel garments for the majority of our apparel products because they create a high quantity of quality eco / socially friendly products.

Anvil - we use Anvil for some of our more modern looking garments because they offer high quality products and continuously strive to operate more environmentally and socially friendly. 

Printfulwe use Printura for the majority of our print designer shirts because they have a large selection of high quality eco-friendly inks and garments.

Printura - we use Printura for some of our print designer shirts because they offer a quality print on demand service with eco-friendly inks and garments.


Bank of Hawaii - we are using BOH because they are local and support international banking transactions.

Mint - we use mint to monitor our cash flow.