Kitchen Sink Farming - Complete Collection

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Easily & Cheaply Grow, Sprout, and Ferment Your Own Food for a Healthier Now & A Greener Future (Volume 5)

“Move over Dr. Oz; move over Dr. Cousins. For the best in healthy eating read what Mr. Parent has to say. If you want to achieve your greatest potential and understand how what you eat effects the rest of the world then this series is for you.” - Jack Philip Rosoff, M.D.

The world’s healthiest and most delicious foods aren't available in stores. It’s a good thing, too, because then you might miss out on the particular satisfaction of eating something you grew yourself, as local as your kitchen sink, as fresh as picking it when take your first bite. Growing, sprouting, and fermenting your own food is also surprisingly easy and really cheap, and once you try it, it’d be laughable to pay someone else to do it. This book is straight-forward, informative, and inspiring proof that anyone, anywhere, at any time, can be enjoying a bounty of tasty and nutritious food with very little work and expense.

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