About Us


May Life and Happiness Thrive

We at EARTHCITIZEN LLC are passionate about growing a stewardship culture and bringing people together to make the world a better place by giving everyone access to the wisest information, resources, and tools they can use to easily collaborate, discover, determine, and empower the wisest ideas, people, and groups for sustainable living and happiness.

We are focused on three areas: culture, governance, and economy:

Culture - we are striving to grow an Earth Citizen culture by offering Earth Citizen focused blogging, projects, voting/discussion platforms, merchandise, collaborative films, and more that help bring people together to make the world a better place.

Governance - We are working to ignite idea democracy by cataloging and sharing all the exciting ideas, tools, groups and more that help people understand the wisest ideas via ranking and empower wise ideas, people and groups socially, economically, and politically.

Economy - We are focused on growing a life economy by cataloging and sharing all the amazing ideas, technologies, people and groups that are helping us to accurately monitor, manage, and forecast resources; safely and fairly distribute resources; create an abundance of human needs; give people autonomy or freedom to live their dreams; develop local and global security; and produce zero products and services.

Our Story

In 2007, the spark for EarthCitizen was created when Shane Wiley, the founder of EarthCitizen, had a thought, "How can we bring billions of people together to make the world a better place?" From this one thought he began to explore, imagine, and take action to develop what is now called EarthCitizen. Along the way, many people have helped to design and bring to life what you see here at earthcitizen.co. Visit our team page to learn more about those folks.

EarthCitizen Vision Film (2015)

Starting back in February 2015, we took over 5 weeks to produce our first ever vision film sharing how we would like to see the world and EarthCitizen trend over the next 30 to 50 years. Learn More >>>

The Collective

One day we are planning to create a collective of organizations (i.e. business, non-profits, trusts and cooperatives) meant to help ignite Earth Citizenship and offer tools people can use to collaboratively make rapid positive change in the world. EarthCitizen LLC, founded in 2015, is the first organization in a collective. We plan to utilize the strengths of each organization to give people of the world the leverage they need to truly make positive change by empowering wise ideas, people, and groups socially with collaboration platforms; economically with investments, donations, sharing, and memberships; and politically with petitions and voting.
View our Draft Collective Org Chart >>>

Our Guiding Statements


We believe people are ultimately loving, passionate, and creative, when they understand truth and have access to the resources they need to realize a better vision for themselves and the world.


We feel the knowledge and resources to empower ourselves and transform our global culture and earth in a positive direction exist, yet they have not been organized in a way that generates global change and action over a sustained period of time. We want to offer solutions to this challenge by creating products and services that help people to collaborate and take action over long periods of time on the most beneficial and ethical actions for making the world a better place.


Our bodies, hearts and minds are free, present, healthy and focused on collaborating with others to build the world of our dreams by inspiring people to be Earth Citizens and striving to give everyone access to the wisest information, resources, and people they need to realize a better vision for themselves and the world via products and services that are visionary, beautifully designed, simple to use, and social/eco-friendly.


Our core values are: Truth, Nature, Purpose, Stewardship, Vision, Ethics, and Simplicity. 
Read More about our Values >>>


Socially and Environmentally Responsible
We strive to offer the most empowering social and eco-friendly products and services. Everything we create we do so with the utmost concern for the environment, your health, and the well being of those making the products. All of our primary product suppliers offer fair compensation, healthy working conditions, and sustainable products. 

Community Support
We feel it is important to empower those that have nothing, but also to support those that have some and wish to grow more so they can empower themselves and others. We currently allocate 5 - 10% of our profits to help offer Gifted Gift Cards and empower the democratically voted wisest ideas, people, and groups for sustainable living and happiness in the world via our Sponsorships & Donations take action.

We strive to be transparent in all areas. You can view our financials on our Sponsor Us page and the companies we work with on our Support Companies page.


One thousand years from now, we wish for people to look back and say that the EarthCitizen collective helped globally ignite earth citizenship, idea democracy and the life economy, which ultimately helped free humanity to live life passionately, free and happy. The people of the world wielded these organization to light the way for all of humanity to evolve away from a Type 0 Civilization: an aimless/trade/gain driven society towards a Type 1 Civilization: a purpose/serve/share driven society. The people that worked or served in the EarthCitizen collective were a living example of Earth Citizens and the way to live life. They followed their true passions, lived healthy lives, compassionately lived with others, shared ideas and resources, and empowered ideas & others so that the world could thrive with life and happiness. The world became richer in life, the plants and creatures burst with more energy, and people became free and happy as they experienced a world of amazing abundance, truth and beauty. A better quality of life emerged little by little as more and more people and groups converged on a common purpose to help life and happiness to thrive.