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Forum and Blogging

How do I sign up?

You sign up on the Forum page or any one of the blogging discussion areas. 

Why are there two sign up areas?

One signup area is for our forum and blogging and the other is for making purchases.


Can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Yes. Just add your email in the newsletter sign up in the footer and follow the instructions on the next screen.


What are the care instructions for your garments?

Most of our garments should be washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low heat. Care instructions are listed on the garment tag.

How do your sizes work?

Our garments come from multiple vendors and vary in sizes and fits. To help in getting the right size we suggest you look at the sizing guide on each products page to get the perfect fit. If you're not sure what size to get or if you're in-between sizes, we suggest ordering the next size up.

Should I expect you garments to shrink or stretch out?

All of our items have been pre-shrunk so they should not shrink to much, but as with most garments they will shrink in the wash and stretch a little during wear. The 100% cotton shirts will shrink more than our 50%cotton/50% poly shirts. To avoid shrinking our shirts to much we  recommend washing them in cold water and drying on low heat, or better dry it outside on a clothes line.

Should I expect the color of you garments to fade?

All of the garments we offer will have minimal fading. As with all clothing the color of our clothing will fade slowly overtime as you wash our clothes. We suggest washing our garments in cold water to minimize fading.  

Customer Service


Can I change my mailing address?

Yes. Log into your account using your email address and click view addresses and then click edit. 

Can I change my name and email address for my account?

Yes. Please Contact Us using your existing email address to change your account name and/or email address; make sure to add the new name and/or email you wish for us to change in the message section. We will send you a verification email to your old email address to make sure you wish to have your email changed to the new email address prior to changing your email and then a confirmation email change notification once we have received your response and changed your email.

Can I have multiple email address with my account?

No. Shopify, the website service we utilize, does not let you have more than one email address associated with your account.

Refunds and Exchanges

What is your refund and exchange policy?

Please read our EarthCitizen 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Refund Policy to learn more.


Christmas Order Deadlines?

You can visit our Christmas Order Deadlines page to know the latest day you need to ship to make sure you package arrives by Christmas. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The delivery time for your order to arrive varies based on the product type, your location, and whether you choose standard or expedited shipping during checkout. You can estimate the shipping time by visiting the product page and reviewing the shipping tab under the product description. The shipping tab durations include both production and transport times, so this is the total amount of time it will take for your order to arrive at its final destination. 

Estimated Shipping Durations

USA 5 - 12 business days via USPS  3 - 10 business days via FedEx
Canada 7 - 17 business days without tracking NA
Worldwide 12 - 27 business days without tracking NA

Note:  Earthcitizen is not responsible for delays due to customs, which may be a few days to a few weeks.

Can you deliver my order to a P.O.Box?

Yes and no. We can ship to a P.O.Box if you select our Standard Shipping Rate, but we are limited to a Residence Address only for our Expedited Shipping Rate.

Can I check the status of my order?

Yes. You should receive emails for various notices. We notify you when your order is placed, shipped or cancelled. If you created an account, you can find the status of your order by signing into your account from the main menu. You will see if the order is opened or fulfilled. 

Can I ship to multiple locations?

Yes. You will need to make a new order for each shipment, as we are limited by our merchant platform to a single shipping address per transaction. You can change the shipping address for each order during the checkout process. 

Can I get special offers and discounts when shipping to multiple locations?

Yes, but each individual order must meet the special offer conditions, as we we are limited by our merchant platform to a single shipping address per transaction. 

Who pays the customs duties & taxes?

Shipments outside of the USA may incur customs fees depending on the destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors. The person receiving the shipment or the end customer is responsible for paying any fees to the appropriate customs agency.

What do I do if my product was damaged during shipping?

We are happy to refund or exchange your product, but we do need a picture of the damaged product and shipping container. Please read our Refund Policy to learn more. 

Price Adjustments

Marked Downs, Sale Items, and Promotions

Markdowns, sales, and promotions can occur at anytime. All purchase made prior to markdown, sale, or promotion are final. 

About EarthCitizen LLC

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Are you products sustainable?

Yes and no. We strive to make all of our products as sustainable as possible, but we are not sure of the total long-term impact of each product. You can learn more about each products social and environmental development process by reading its product details.

Do you work with socially and environmentally responsible suppliers?

Yes. All of our primary product suppliers work to ensure they offer fair compensation, healthy working conditions, and sustainable products. 

Do you pay fair wages?

 Yes. At this time we work with contractors and fulfillment services to offer our services. All of them get paid based on an agreed price. 

Do you use organic cotton?

Yes. We only offer organic cotton that is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, which means you can trust this cotton was grown and harvested in an ecological and socially responsible manner. 

Are your shipping materials recyclable and made in a sustainable way?

Yes. The shipping materials are recyclable. All the cardboard can be recycled and the T-Shirt bags are #4 recyclable. All the shipping cardboard is made from 100% recycled material and the T-shirt bags are made from 30% post consumer recycled material.

Are you fair-trade certified?

No. In order to be fair-trade certified all of the companies we work with must be fair-trade certified and some of them are still working to get those certifications.


What companies do you collaborate with to produce your products?

You can visit our list of support companies to find out more. 

Why do you work with fulfillment companies?

We primarily collaborate with fulfillment companies to keep things simple so we can focus on growing the Earth Citizen culture, bringing people together and sharing wise ideas, people, and groups for sustainable living and happiness.


Why are you making consumer goods?

We feel this is a great way to bring our message into the world. For example, we feel that when someone wears an EarthCitizen shirt or posts one of our stickers on their water bottle they are helping transform the world. People can not help but think about the idea and their own place in the world once they have seen the message on the shirt or sticker. Also, by making ethical consumer goods we are helping transform the global market to be more ethical since we are funding more and more business that are making socially and environmentally responsible products. 

Why are you a for profit?

We believe by focusing first to be a for-profit organization and eventually growing into a collective of corporations (non-profits, cooperatives, foundations, etc.) we can generate the greatest social, economic, and political empowerment system for wise ideas, people, and groups. In a Ted talk by Michael Porter he notes that over 82% of the economic resources generated in the world come from businesses.[1] We wish to tap into this pool of resources to transform the world. A big portion of the 82% of economic resources come from providing people with useful products such as food, clothes, and energy. That is why we are first creating some items such as T-shirts, water bottles, and cards. We of course are going to work hard to make those products in a socially and environmentlly responsible way. This gives us the opportunity to help transition businesses by supporting only those that help us build ethical products. We feel it is important that all businesses transition to providing their services in an ethical way. Once businesses operate in an ethical way, the seperation between for-profit and non-profit will diminish since both are doing good for people and the world. In the future, we plan to really transform the 82% economic resource pool by creating a web platform that helps people empower the wisest ideas, people, and groups socially, economically and politically. People will be able to easily share information, vote on wise ideas, invest in companies, and more. We currently allocate 5 - 10% of our profits to help offer Gifted Gift Cards (coming soon) and empower the democratically voted wisest ideas, people, and groups for sustainable living and happiness in the world via our Sponsorships & Donations take action.

[1] Ted Talk by Michael Porter http://youtu.be/0iIh5YYDR2o