Building an amazing team of freelancers and fellowship members to help grow our vision! 

Freelance Support

Applications are due by May 11th, 2016. 

Marketing & Social Media Specialist

We are seeking a freelance Marketing and Social Media expert that has experience in managing global marketing and social media campaigns in the field of eco friendly apparel and/or environmental/social improvement programs. The role will require the individual to develop and manage all of EarthCitizen’s marketing campaigns, customer service, and social media sites. You will need to be capable of developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns; managing multiple projects and vendors; writing excellent blog & social media content; collaborating with graphic and merchandise designers; modifying pictures and other media content; and monitoring the success of the marketing campaigns. 

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T-Shirt Graphic Artist

We are seeking a freelance T-Shirt Graphic Artist with an Earth focused design style to create T-Shirt designs for our apparel. Drawing upon your passion to help improve humanity's role on the planet, you will translate stewardship, compassion, and sustainability concepts into strong and compelling artwork. You will research, trend shop, and work closely with our director to develop new and fresh ideas and techniques for conveying our message to the world. In this role, you will be responsible for managing the process of creating, testing, and executing collateral from design to production. 

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Graphic Designer

We are seeking a freelance graphic designer with an Earth focused design style to manage the creation of different environmentally and socially friendly products and media content such as T-Shirt designs, social media & website images, infographics, blog posts, business cards, post cards, etc. The role will require the individual to manage all of the graphic design projects for EarthCitizen, which will require you to work with multiple vendors, manage several projects simultaneously, create eco/social friendly products, and participate in the marketing of the material.

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We are seek to form partnerships and grow our network. 

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Program and Business Manager

We are seeking individuals that have experience managing retail and social media internet companies.

Human Resources Manager

We are seeking individuals that have experience in attracting and retaining best in class fashion designers, website managers, graphic designers, and more.

Marketing & Social Media Manager

We are seeking individuals that have experience managing environmental or social responsibility marketing and social media campaigns.

Corporate, Non-Profit and Cooperative Lawyers

We are seeking individuals with experience legally supporting apparel and internet social media companies. 

Clothing & Merchandise Designers

We are seeking designers with experience producing trendy earth conscious clothes and merchandise.

Web & Mobile App Developers and Designers

We are seeking Web & Mobile App Developers and Designers that have experience with both existing and next generation web applications, and wish to help manage our current website and develop our future idea democracy web platform.


We are seeking individuals that have experience writing for environmental or social improvement websites, blogs, films and more.

Film Producer

We are seeking a film maker that is inspired by our vision and has experience in putting together and distributing amazing story based films that share a message.  

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