EarthCitizen LLC

We are striving to grow an Earth Citizen culture.  

Shane Wiley
CEO, Founder
Nature Lover, Musician, Social Activist and Writer

A lover of life, Shane is inspired to understand the truth, explore this wonderful life with others, and help make the world an amazing place to live now and in the future. Once a mechanical engineer and project manager at Intel Corporation, he resigned to pursue his interest in the idea of Earth Citizenship. Along the way he has written the first drafts of two books to share the Earth Citizen Vision. Now he is launching EarthCitizen LLC to help develop and grow the Earth Citizen Culture & Systems. He only has one wish: “May Life and Happiness Thrive.”


Carmen Villasenor
Human Resources
Networker, Youth Counselor, Nature Lover

Carmen has years of experience working with non-profits in the Philippines such as WWF-Philippines, Firefly Brigade and Cartwheel Foundation. She spent a year in Indonesia as an exchange participant, working for Institut Titian Perdamaian (Peace Building Institute). Before coming to the United States, Carmen worked for the office of Peace Corps in Manila, facilitating and managing Peace Corp Volunteers in Luzon. In Hawaii, Carmen has lived in Maui, Oahu and the Big Island. She has worked for Pacific Whale Foundation, Hawaii Job Corps, Marimed Foundation and Pacific Quest. She enjoys working with young people in the outdoors, doing volunteer service work, practicing Vipassana meditation, biking, hiking, snorkeling and doing yoga. A people person, Carmen empathetically listens and inspires people to discover and live their passions. She is excited in helping Earth Citizen to broaden the fellowship and network of supporters.


We work with various individuals and groups for consultation and to offer all of our products and services. 

Justin Miyamoto
w/ Orchestrated Design

Creative Design Director
Designer, Musician and Brand Developer from the Greater

L.A. Area. Justin has always been drawn to the biggest, most purposeful ideas, so it was only natural that EarthCitizen and Orchestrated Design end up collaborating on the Big Island of Hawaii. Working with Shane over the past two years, Justin has been collaborating with EC to package and brand EarthCitizen ideas in a way that communicates beautifully, simply, and boldly. Justin is currently helping EarthCitizen inspire others to practice and express Earth Citizenship through social media, videos, music, art, and design.


Arthur Grau
Sole Proprietor
Fundraising Consultant
Fundraiser, Networker, Social Media and Biker

Arthur Grau currently serves as community manager to volunteer activists at the American Cancer Society. Previously, he co-founded and managed Applications for Good, a community of software developers and social benefit organizations that created mobile apps for public good. He continues to host the NetSquared local chapter, leveraging volunteerism for civic and social change projects. Arthur led the design and implementation of One Economy's Digital Connectors national service-learning program producing a suite of educator trainings and online tools including knowledge websites and social networks. With the Just Think Foundation, he delivered digital media literacy to classrooms at the outset of the social web. He believes high quality, interactive media engagement will have positive outcomes for personal development and society.


Ched Cheatham
w/ Mindrally
Website Consultant
Website Programmer, Program Manager, Energizer and Community Lover

Ched Cheatham has a passion for technology and seeks to leverage best suited technologies and methodologies to help grow a better world. Ched is currently a principal consultant at Mindrally focused on delivering database design, E-Commerce, IT support, IT management, requirements gathering and client consultation. Ched has seventeen years of experience managing, developing, designing, and delivering interactive websites and applications and has served interchangeably as a technical program manager, mentor, developer, IT manager, and product innovator.


Jesse Law
w/ Sustainable Island Products
Social & Eco Business Consultant
Entrepreneur, Networker, Visionary and Social Activist.

An ideal realist, Jesse Law deeply looks into issues and solutions for helping make our world a better place for future generations. As the owner of Sustainable Island Products, Jesse works to make our disposables earth-friendly. His products are a message to the world that we can make a difference one step at a time by making sure our products are recyclable and biodegradable.