Extra Strength 72 Cell Seedling Starter Trays, 60 Pack, Seed Germination, Plant Propagation, Hydroponics Plug Trays

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by Bootstrap Farmer

  • Ultra-Durable, High-Quality, BPA Free 72 Cell Tray (with drain holes). Made to last multiple seasons
  • Trays are NOT flimsy or brittle. Seedling tray with material won't crack or break during transport
  • Extra Strength Propagation 1020 Trays allow roots to grow through. Makes Great Germination Station
  • Fits any standard 1020 Tray including Bootstrap Farmers Heavy Duty Trays. Great seedling tray
  • Cell is 1.5" square by 2" deep. Outer Dimensions: 21.25" x 11.25" germination tray