Kaleep LED Grow Light for Red Blue Indoor Garden Greenhouse and Hydroponic Full Spectrum Growing Lamps 15W Hanging Light

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  • These plant growth lamp is constructed on a base of 225 LEDs. A 15 watt constant current sources provide them with enough energy lamp. Experience Indoor enormous growth performance, whether in the greenhouse in the shed or in the entrance. The fine-tuned light blue 60 and 165 red LEDs can make your plants thrive in almost all places.
  • Energy saving 75% to 80% ,Low Power Consumption(compared to high pressure sodium lamps)
  • This LED Plant Grow Light comes with a Hanging Kit
  • Safety to all , All raw materials comply with the requirements of environmental protection without heavy metals.
  • Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and is particularly suitable for indoor gardens, hydroponic or soil.