Low Water Veggie Gardening

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How to Create a Drought-Resistant, Sustainable Vegetable Garden, Conserve Water, and Grow Your Own Food

Grow Vegetables Even in Drought Conditions If you think you have to stop gardening because of water restrictions or a drought, think again! If you think sustainability is just for hippies, think again! In this book, you'll learn methods to grow even more food with less water than you thought possible. These are methods that have been used by people all over the world to grow food, even in the most desolate places. This book will show you how you, too, can have a productive vegetable garden. Use these ideas in your garden to conserve water, reduce water loss, and keep it where your plants need it most. You can grow food for yourself even if you only have a little space. Find out how others have grown in containers, in the ground, even in what has been thrown away as trash…all using as little water as possible. Inside, you'll discover: Methods to capture any moisture in your area Useful whether you get rain, mist, or fog Vegetable varieties that are drought-resistant Learn what to grow, that other gardeners swear by Ways to conserve water Use less water than you are using now, and still be able to water your garden How to grow food and save money Rising grocery store prices won't sting when you grow your own produce Water-wise garden designs Have the most productive, bountiful garden ever, just by changing the way you grow Do you want to continue to pay skyrocketing prices for fruits and vegetables because of the drought? Or are you ready to grow your own food, cheaply and sustainably? Are you willing to give up gardening because of water restrictions? Or are you going to learn some tried-and-true methods to reduce your water usage and still grow bountiful produce? Are you going to continue to garden the traditional way, spending lots of money, time, and effort, on soil amendments, fertilizers, and pesticides? Or are you ready to make some changes, mimic nature, and get results that are healthier for you and the planet? The choice is yours. Pick up a copy of this book before you pick up your trowel, and have the garden you've always wanted, despite the drought and crazy weather.


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