Tabletop Aquaponics

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For Homes, Schools, Churches, Clubs, and Science Fairs: Enjoy Learning to Grow Your Own Food (Kindle Edition)

Grow Healthy Plants And Fish In A Nearly Self-Sustaining System With This Fun And Easy Guide To Aquaponics

A great hands-on project for homes, classrooms, clubs, churches, and science projects.

We humans are a smart, innovative, and creative bunch. These skills will help us as we face some big challenges in the future like feeding a growing population, taking care of the environment, and conserving water. Teachers, parents, club leaders, and science enthusiasts can help foster these important skills in children and in themselves in a fun, fascinating, and hands-on way by building a tabletop aquaponics system.

Aquaponics is the science of growing fish and plants together in a mutually-supportive environment, and now you can create an aquaponics system in your home! In Tabletop Aquaponics, engineer and author John Choisser walks readers through the process of setting up their own tabletop aquaponics system that is virtually self-sustaining. For a few hundred dollars (or less, if you're a decent scrounger), this tabletop aquaponic system will provide hours of fun and learning during its construction and set-up, while promoting responsibility in caring for the fish and plants as they grow. As a bonus, you get to eat the tasty, organic vegetables your system produces.

Throughout the book Choisser shares images of his own functioning aquaponics systems to show readers exactly what the finished project could look like. Choisser’s friendly and accessible manual is a perfect aquaponics introduction to beginners ages 10 and up. No prior experience necessary in aquaponics, hydroponics, or aquaculture.

The book includes:

  • An introduction to aquaponics 
  • A student-friendly explanation of the biology, chemistry, botany and physics behind aquaponics
  • A step-by-step guide to setting up your aquaponics system
  • Shopping lists for all the supplies you’ll need for your system
  • Care guides for your fish and plants
  • Optional discussion points for curious students
  • Images of real, functioning aquaponics systems

This book can help any student fall in love with science and conservation as they watch their fish thrive and their plants grow. Tabletop Aquaponics is perfect for the home or the classroom and can be a great summer project, group project, or science project.

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