The Urban Gardener

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How to Grow Your Own Food In The City!
Kindle Edition

Would you like to grow your own healthy food in the city? It's easy with “The Urban Gardener - How to Grow Your Own Food in the City”!

Most of us think about sprawling farmland when we consider gardening but the fact of the matter is, it can be done in an incredibly small space. “The Urban Gardener - How to Grow Your Own Food in the City” will help you to learn how to make the most of your small space and to grow the vegetables that you want, right in the middle of the city.

You will learn the techniques and practices of gardening and how you can utilize them effectively in a small space. You also discover the following specific subjects in detail:

  1. Introduction - This chapter introduces you to some of the finer points of city gardening!
  2. The Many Benefits of Growing Your Own Food in the City - There are surprising and hidden benefits when you grow your own food, even in the city!
  3. Container Gardening - The use of container gardening can make growing your own food in the city easy!
  4. Vertical Gardening - Stop thinking two dimensionally and you will find that there is plenty of room to grow all of the vegetables you need!
  5. Indoor Gardening - No room to do your gardening outdoors? No problem! Indoor gardens are great when you know how to get the most from them!
  6. Rooftop Gardening - You can utilize rooftop space to grow an excellent garden. You will be surprised with how many vegetables can come from a standard rooftop!
  7. Community Gardening - Gardening does not need to be a solo effort. Make the most of other city gardeners and you will be well on your way to growing delicious vegetables together!
  8. Raised Bed Gardening - This chapter discusses the principles of raised bed gardening and how you can use them at your city home!
  9. Planning and Planting Your Food Gardens - Before you even put a single seed in the ground, read this chapter to know how you can get started properly!
  10. Weeding, Mulching and Watering Your Garden - Caring for your garden is vitally important and it will make the small space you have available much more productive!
  11. Managing Pests and Diseases - Disease and bugs can be a problem in the city but it does not need to be a problem for your garden!
  12. Harvesting and Storing Your Food - When it is time to harvest your garden, use these techniques to make the most of it!
  13. The Urban Farmer's Calendar - When is the best time to plant your urban garden? This chapter helps you to find out!

And much, much more…

It is not only Farmers who are able to grow their own, wholesome vegetables, even city folk and do so. “The Urban Gardener - How to Grow Your Own Food in the City” is designed to help you to get started with city gardening and to make the most out of this enjoyable hobby.

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