Urban Gardening For Beginners

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Making Use Of Cramped Spaces And Growing Your Own Food For A Sustainable Living

Have you ever turned on the television after a hard day’s work, lounging on your bed or couch, and then you’re just met with the news of dead people? Dead people who were victims of the conflicts in Middle Eastern countries or any other land under warfare. Or dead people from the famines in third world nations, like Africa. And more dead people from Mother Nature’s wrath, such as super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the earthquake which struck Nepal. Or people so unhappy about the current government system and economic crisis around the world. People losing jobs, houses, money left and right. People getting robbed, or shot, or bullied, or abused by other people. So, so many sad news around the world and all there’s left for you to do is…turn off the TV. It is an eye opener to think of so many things happening around you, do you care? Of course you do. But, is there anything you can do about it? That is the ultimate question, is there anything you will do? How do you solve all these problems? You’re only one person, you can’t possibly be the solution? Right? Wrong. People have underestimated the power of individual and simple solutions for so long. There are a lot of people out there who have big mouths spouting these big words, saying that they hold the answers in their grand schemes to save the world. But their big words do not automatically translate to big actions. Big mouths sometimes mean small hands. It takes an individual to make a crowd, one person to start an initiative to change oneself and actually act on these problems rather than simply turning off the TV and talking about it. One of these initiatives is sustainable living. In this book, you will realize that you have the potential to change the world by changing the way you live your life, starting with learning how to grow your own food. You may be living in the city in a cramped apartment or you may not own a backyard or garden, everything is possible with a little creativity and this thing called Urban Gardening which enables you to have your own sanctuary at home and at the same time provide for your own needs. With the world as it is today, it is time to make some concrete actions and help save the earth and its citizens. Let us not be selfish or disinterested. The world is not yet at an end, but the time we have left to live here can end at any moment. So, release all your creativity and resourcefulness and share it with the world. Use it for good through urban gardening where you can not only save yourself, but also Mother Nature herself. Read this book and be enlightened by the simple solutions that you could use throughout your life. Learn how planting and learning how to live sustainably can make your life easier, happier, and stress free.

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