Winter Gardening For Beginners

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Learn How To Easily Grow Your Own Food Year Round!

Winter Gardening, Homesteading, Organic (Kindle Edition)

How to Create Your First Garden From Nothing!

Learn how to transform yourself from a plant's worst nightmare to a green fingered guru. If you've dreamed of creating a beautiful flower garden, or feeding your family for free, this step by step guide is for you. From soil basics, garden design right through to growing and storing healthy natural food, this book teaches you all the basic facts (and a few gardening secrets) to help you make the dream a reality.

With a strong focus on gardening for beginners wishing to grow their own crops, the tips and information contained in this book are also suitable for growing flowering plants. With information on everything from foolproof (hard-to-kill) plant varieties to how to design a garden to protect from pests, this book offers all the fundamentals that every gardener wish they knew the first time round!

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