Celebrate World Oceans Day This June 8

Celebrate World Oceans Day This June 8


Our One Ocean

Our lives depend on the ocean. So let’s show our appreciation and love for it by committing to keep the ocean alive both in real life and social media by celebrating #WorldOceansDay. Learn how to join in on the celebrations here.

We have heard it a number of times before, the ocean makes up much of our planet Earth’s hydrosphere and covers the most part of its surface – 71% of it to be exact. Hence, most of us have surely encountered it at some point of our lives, wherever we are.

A fun fact: all the oceans really are just one ocean.

Why is the Ocean Important?

Not all of us may live near the ocean. However, even if we do not see it outside our windows every day, do you know that it still plays a big factor in our lives? Here’s how:

1. The ocean provides the majority of the air we breathe.

It is responsible for producing approximately half of the Earth’s oxygen, and it also absorbs around one-third of our carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, it regulates our weather and provides us with water.

Phytoplankton Bloom. Source

2. The ocean provides us with food.

Aside from the seafood that many love, the ocean is also responsible for a number of food products we currently enjoy and love, such as peanut butter, soymilk, and beer - all of which are made possible by ocean resources such as algae and kelp.

3. The ocean is responsible for some of our medicines and cosmetics.

Yes, aside from nourishing us with yummy food, a lot of our cosmetic items, and medicines use ingredients that can be found in the ocean.

4. The ocean is responsible for a lot of jobs and plays a big role in countries’ economies.

The ocean supports a number of job opportunities, such as fishing and ocean tourism. Aside from this, healthy marine habitats such as reefs, mangroves, and barrier islands help protect coastal communities from hurricanes and typhoon surges.

So now that we know what and why the Ocean is important,  what then is World Oceans Day?

What is World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is a global initiative that aims to celebrate the ocean and at the same time, encourage groups, and individuals from all around the world to collaborate for its protection and a generally better future for all.

The Ocean Project started coordinating World Oceans Day in 2002 - during this time, only a dozen events were connected to the initiative. This has since grown to over a hundred events worldwide, and in 2008, the United Nations officially recognized June 8 as World Oceans Day.

Join in on World Oceans Day

June 8 is fast coming up, so what can you do to join in and celebrate our oceans? Here are a few last minute ideas:

1. Find an Event

Visit World Ocean Day Events List.

Find Events 

2. Shoot a video and Wave for Change

One of the major ocean pollutants is plastic. In order to help reduce this problem, singer Jack Johnson started The Wave last May 25 – wherein he asks people to help reduce the amount of plastic we use and help spread the word that oceans need our help.


For World Oceans Day, add your voice to his’ by shooting a video for the oceans. In your video, commit to reduce the amount of plastic you use and then challenge your friends to also do the same. You can then share your video in your social media accounts using the hashtags #WaveForChange and #WorldOceansDay. You can also tag World Oceans Day on Facebook and Instagram, and @CelebrateOceans on Twitter. Through our combined voices in social media, we can help this movement expand and produce a huge support wave for the ocean. So start shooting and posting your videos, and of course, minimizing your use of plastic.

3. Use a better bag

Also in line with Wave for Change, you can further reduce the use of plastic by challenging yourself to stop using disposable plastic bags starting this June 8, and hopefully, until the end of one year or beyond. You can also further promote this initiative by again posting it in your social media accounts. This way, your family and friends will see and learn of the initiative, and this may inspire them to also be a part of it.

Aside from minimizing the use of disposable plastic bags, you can also take further steps such as: choosing cosmetics that are free of microbeads – which are also little plastic particles that can ultimately harm the ocean and its animals; trying to minimize the use of other disposable plastic items such as bottles, utensils and wrappers; and participating in ocean cleanup efforts.

4. Take a Selfie for the Sea

Show everyone how you are taking action to save and protect our ocean by taking a selfie for the sea. Aside from the promotion of current efforts, this will also provide an avenue for people to think and share ideas. In order to consolidate efforts, do not forget to use the hashtags #WorldOceansDay, #SelfieForTheSea on Twitter and Instagram, and tag @World Oceans Day on Facebook, and @CelebrateOceans on Twitter.

5. Share Your Memorable Ocean Experiences @EarthCitizenCo

Here at EarthCitizen, you can profess your passion and commitment for the ocean by sharing and posting your best or most memorable ocean experiences in our Facebook page. Make sure to tag it with #WorldOceanDay. This way, you can connect with everyone who shares a deep love and appreciation for the ocean, and at the same time, inspire others to go out and experience everything the ocean has to offer. This will also serve as a challenge for everyone to take action and ensure that future generations will get to experience an alive and thriving ocean.

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Keep the Ocean Alive

The bottom line is, the ocean needs our help, and whether we do it by posting our support through our social media accounts or joining cleanup efforts, our small acts can surely spell a difference for the ocean and the Earth’s future.

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