It’s Easy Being Green

It’s Easy Being Green



Contrary to what the beloved Kermit was singing about (at least in the first two stanzas of the iconic song, Bein’ Green), being green is easy. And no, we don’t mean purchasing an eco-friendly car or building your own environment-friendly house. More often than not, going green means using or repurposing things you already have at home.


Why Go Green Anyway?

I know how tired you must be hearing about climate change over and over again. But the sooner you learn that every single thing you do has an impact on the planet, positively or negatively, the sooner you’ll get off that hammock and start living life consciously.

And if you need reminding, here are three reasons why going green is the new big thing:

1. Green food choices improves health -- yours and the planet’s. Not only does organic and local food fuel your health and well-being (hello glowing skin and beach-ready body), it also does the same for the planet. How? Without the need to package and transfer foods, we reduce our emission of greenhouse gases, therefore mitigating the effects of climate change.

2. Going green helps local economies thrive. Since going green prompts you to either grow your own food or buy locally-produced crops, you help support your local economies. In the long run, this can also create more jobs.

3. Recycling ups your DIY game, while saving the world. Making stuff takes more energy than you think. While you can opt to save the environment by choosing to use greener materials, repurposing and recycling is also a good option. Aside from saving you money, it saves you time and energy to run to the store, am I right?

Now don’t you get overwhelmed. Because going green, in its true essence, is becoming simpler in your means of living. In that case, it’s also simple to begin living a green life and making a positive impact. To help you out, we compiled a list of our favorite simple green living hacks you definitely must try.


Green Living Hacks

  • Ditch the plastic.
    1. Wrap produce such as parsnip, cucumber and zucchini in a damp towel and store in the crisper to keep it fresh [1].
    2. Throw away plastic condiment bottles and use mason jars with a pour top instead. It gets the job done, plus, it’s very decorative. Go ahead, you know you’d want to Instagram that.
    3. Bring your own food to school/work using reusable containers. By doing so, you help eliminate the use of styrofoam containers used in most fast food chains. Plus, you save money and get to be in control of what you eat
  • Simplify your beauty regimen.
    1. A beauty enthusiast would know that coffee grounds are one of the top ingredients for exfoliators, and for a good reason. Because of its abrasive properties, coffee is excellent to slough away dead skin cells and fight cellulite. Mix with water and a few drops of oil to use [2].
    2. Got some leftover egg whites? Use them under your eyes to remove puffy bags or make an egg-white mask to combat oily skin.
    3. Is it just me or does everyone else get a big zit right before a big event? Worry no more! Just grab some plain yogurt, dab it on the zit and wait 20 minutes before rinsing. The yogurt’s lactic acid moisturizes and smoothens the skin while probiotics help to balance bacteria growth on the skin’s surface.
  • Repurpose.
    1. Love throwing garden parties? Use old bottles as light fixtures. They’re artsy and will give your garden a boho, romantic feel.
    2. Spring cleaning your home? Use old cupcake trays or picture frames as jewelry organizers.
    3. Speaking of organizing, don’t throw away that toilet paper tube just yet. The tube is perfect to keep unused cords and wires organized.

    BONUS: Grow your own food.

    Grow your own food

    And because going green prompts you to make better food choices, why not go the extra mile and grow them in your own backyard? To help you out, we listed the benefits of growing your own food in one of our previous blog posts, as part of our #GrowFood campaign.