Castle Hill Graffiti Park Photo Shoot

Castle Hill Graffiti Park Photo Shoot


Synchronize Mockup in Action!

The graffiti at Castle Hill Graffiti park in Austin Texas was amazing!

"Love will guide you." - Anonymous

  • Sunburst Mockup at Castle Hill Graffiti Park in Austin Texas

We had super fun checking out the art, crawling around on the walls, and taking photos of Noah wearing the first ever screen print mockup of the Synchronize T-Shirt. The mockup was created to test out the design. The Synchronize design is intended to represent the idea of earth citizens, millions to billions of people, coming together in one moment to empower a wise idea for helping life and happiness to thrive. You can learn more about the design on the Synchronize product pages.

The Mockup Version

The Final Versions

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