The Synchronize Design

The Synchronize Design


A Design for Inspiring Stewardship Collaboration

EarthCitizen Sunburst Design (2015)

In 2013, we created the Synchronize design as a way of expressing our interest in bringing people together to empower the wisest ideas for life and happiness.

At the core of this artistic expression of Earth Citizen, we strive to inspire stewardship collaboration and capture the three most important celestial bodies in our solar system that allow for life to exist on our amazing planet: the Sun, Moon, and Earth; without these bodies in space we would not exist.

The concentric rings and focused sun rays are meant to represent people coming together to empower the most important verses the many ideas to rapidly transform our world. By focusing on the most critical challenges and wisest solutions we are hoping a few people may be able to have a powerful positive global impact. This design taps into the idea of the Pareto principle where we can have roughly 80% improvements by focusing on the top 20% of the challenges and solutions. Beyond our initial thoughts for the design we began to realize the shirt represents so much more; now we feel the rings and sun rays bursting forth represent not only our focus but our positive energy, responsibilities, and values.