The EarthCitizen Framework Project

The EarthCitizen Framework Project


The Purpose and Goal of the Project

At EarthCitizen, we are striving to build a framework that Earth Citizens can use to guide various aspects of living life and collaborating to help life and happiness to thrive. The topics presented are much like an individual or a group (i.e. non-profit, company, etc.) guiding agreements, charter, values, responsibilities, mission, and/or paradigms. Some of these ideas may be applied to personal growth, while others are focused on broader cultural changes that we feel are important in creating a society that supports life and happiness. 

Why are we sharing our framework?

We openly share this framework so others may benefit and contribute to the ideas we're actively developing projects on. Each idea is ever-evolving and open for suggestions and thoughts in the comments section. Eventually, we plan to make this collaborative project into an ebook and print book.

Help us make it better. 

We invite you to add comments to any of our posts so we may accurately develop an Earth Citizen Framework to guide our organization and represent the voice of the people.