The #GrowFood Take Action

Today we must face that rapid population growth, climate change, and monoculture farming are threatening food production for future generations. Already around 795 million people do not have access to enough food in order to lead a healthy life. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that this number will continue to rise and the solution is more small organic farms. Watch FAO Video on Food Productin and Risks >>>

The EarthCitizen #GrowFood take action is aimed at inspiring people to grow their own organic food, while also helping raise funds to sponsor small organic farmers.

Growing food can be easy. Give it a try. Even one plant helps. Imagine how much food there could be if everyone grew food! Take part in this global action and feel connected to everyone in the world. 



Grow Food Data

The Global Impact of Our Cumulative Actions

Submit the fruits of your home, community, and urban gardening labor. Doing so might just inspire people to get their hands dirty in the garden.





Share Your Picture and Videos

Help inspire more people to grow food by sharing your garden projects.

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Sponsorship Program

Every year from September 23 - November 16th we donate 1% of our sales to #GrowFood wise ideas, people, and groups.

Sponsoring Small Organic Farmers

This year, we at EarthCitizen are sponsoring Friends of ENCA Farm for their efforts to promote and sustain organic farming in the Philippines. Currently, the group provides comprehensive training programs regarding the importance of organic farming and preservation of seeds to local communities - which will go a long way towards revitalizing the environment and helping alleviate hunger in their communities – an important aspect of the #GrowFood campaign.

Watch Seed Saving Program Video


The #GrowFood Community Space

Grow and Share Your Knowledge

Learn and share the importance of growing your own food, the best ways to do so, and other resources that can help ensure that we have an abundance of food on the planet.

The Benefits of Growing Food

Grow Food campaign

The three main benefits of growing your own food are:

  • Healthier family
  • Improved communities
  • Better Earth

These benefits could exponentially grow the more people we inspire to grow their own food. Although gardening might not solve the world’s problems, it would help solve the problem of an empty stomach. And making the world a better place would come easier if we are fully nourished.

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Grow Food Wisdom

Tips and Tricks to Growing Food

Learn and share wisdom on growing food.

Grow Food Basics >>

Basic tips and tricks for growing food.


Home and Apartment >>

Ideas on how to grow food in your own home or a limited space.


Community Gardening >>

Amazing ways to grow food in your own community.


Urban Gardening >>

Check out these amazing urban growing ideas.



News, Events, Petitions, and Crowdfunding

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#GrowFood-related political actions. Sign and make a difference.

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Helpful Products, Books, and Films

A few resources to help you understand the importance of and how to grow food.


Helpful Products to Get You Started

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

AquaSprouts Garden

Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

7 Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden