Family (Draft)


A Family Working Together

“The family is one of natures master pieces.” - George Santayana (1863 - 1952)

Family Citizenship is a group citizenship, where each individual in a family chooses to work together to help life and happiness to thrive. 


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” - Jim Rohn (1930 - 2009)

We spend a majority of the first years of our lives with our family, so what a great place to grow the foundational ethics and way of life to help the world thrive with life and happiness. As parents, you are one of the greatest influence in your children beliefs and lifestyles, so honor this responsibility by helping them discover their passions and understand how to work with others to help the planet. The unconditional love a parent gives to a child is the greatest example of how we can give to others. As children or youth, you have as great an ability to influence your family by bringing new ideas and the true happy baby smile into the world.

Family Agreements (Template)


We cherish the precious gift of life and the pursuit of happiness.


We live in a functional, healthy, loving, drama-free, peaceful, nurturing living environment.


  • Global

    • We share the Earth Citizen Agreements.

    • We understand and limit the risks of over population.

  • Honor and Respect

    • We use supportive language, effective and timely communication, non-blame talk, no back talk, no assumptions.

    • We stand by each other, encourage and protect, and treat each other well.

  • Communication 

    • We are loving, respectful, gentle, listen, thoughtful, sensitive to others feelings, calm, take space, walk it out

    • We meet weekly for 30 – 60 min’s to discuss our concerns and dreams.

    • We have no repercussion times to share our thoughts or actions so that we may release tension and speak the truth. 

  • Spending

    • We spend money on those things that support our values and dreams.

    • We purchase quality items.

    • We live simply by only getting what we really use. 

    • Every month review expenses and budget needs

  • Home Management

    • We have daily/weekly assigned chores, clean up immediately, help, and do more than is expected.

  • Awards and Consequences

    • Earn “special time & $$$” for good behavior; completing chores and homework; 

    • Consequences for challenging behavior results in loosing privileges, time-outs, and grounding.

  • Time Management

    • We respect everyones time and communicate if we can not meet at agreed times.

    • We meet weekly coordinate plans.