The One Choice 

We live and die, but our choices travel throughout time.” - Shane Wiley (1973 - Present)

Individual Citizenship is based on understanding and choosing that your purpose is to help life and happiness to thrive. 


Just as organizations have a voice in other countries so should each individual.” - Shane Wiley (1973 - Present)

Anyone can be an Earth Citizen no matter his or her social status, economics, gender, ethnicity, culture, nationality, spiritual belief, or life conditions. 


Agreements are choices made freely by you, whereas rules are choices forced on you.” - Shane Wiley (1973 - Present)

You can strengthen the synchronisitic power of 100's to billions of people in the world by not only agreeing to share a common purpose to help life and happiness to thrive, but to also agreeing to a set of democratically voted agreements, which include universal truths, natural laws, purpose, vision, mission, ethics and actions.


Synchronizing with natural time and others around the globe increases our sense of oneness.” - Shane Wiley (1973 - Present)

You may wish to join everyone every full and new moon to celebrate with other Earth Citizens the beauty of life, peace, harmony, and happiness