Regional Citizenship is a collective of individuals and groups choosing to help life and happiness to thrive in a geographical region like nation, community or water shed. 

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. - Mahatma Ghandi (1869- 1948)


“We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.” - E.O. Wilson (1929 - present)

Regions are the communities, nations or a geographical areas, such as water sheds, wildlife regions or farming areas, we choose to help thrive with life and happiness.  Overtime, our focus will be more on community and geographical areas as we develop more resource security and grow a stewardship culture with a wise world view.   

Regional Agreements (Template)


  • Every location in the world is different and requires special attention to ensure that life and happiness thrives.


  • Community of people that secure life and happiness resources for an area of at least 500 – 10,000 years.


  1. Generate Wise Ideas – generate community prioritized list of issues and wise ideas.

  2. Establish Community Education Center – a place for the community to collaborate.

  3. Establish Local Resource Capacity System – measure and forecast resource needs (e.g. water, energy, food) for community.

  4. Secure Human Needs – focus on peacefully and harmoniously securing human needs

  5. Secure Physiological Needs – establish local security of clean/healthy air, water, food, shelter, and energy.

  6. Secure Safety Needs – health and well-being, healthy relationships, and disaster prevention programs.

  7. Secure Natural Resource Needs – springs, aquifers, farm land, hunting, gathering, fishing zones, etc.

  8. Secure Clean Energy – establish away to provide everyone with security of clean energy sources and energy conservation technologies.

  9. Switch Private to Community Owned or Public Utilities – switch any privately owned utilities (e.g.water, energy, and gas) over to non-profit public owned utilities.

  10. Switch Private to Public Natural Resources – switch any privately owned springs, aquifers, land, and ocean resource necessary for security over to non-profit public owned resources.

  11. Become an Earth Citizen Nation – nations can be part of a union of nations that support the Earth Citizen Movement by sharing a common vision, declarations, measures of success, goals, policies, branches of government, and departments of government.

  12. Start National Resource Capacity System – measure and forecast all natural, man-made, and human resources. All resource information must be made public.

  13. Grow National Security – focus on creating abundance of resources for the next 10,000 years. Abundance = conservation + creative solutions to eliminate scarcity. (e.g. prevent erosion of renewable resources, replace non-renewable resources with renewable resources, and minimize use of any non-renewable resources.)

  14. Focus on Responsibility Spheres – these sectors will represent the most important areas of focus for the Earth Citizens. Some examples would be the sector of Art, Economics, Education, Environment, Energy, Etc. Eventually all individual, local, and national efforts will dissolve into these sectors as individual and groups focus on achieving the sector goals. People and groups will focus on sector efforts to grow global sustainable living and happiness.