The Earth Citizen Charter

The Earth Citizen Charter



The Earth Citizen Charter offers timeless guiding statements that we can use to synchronize with others to help make the world a better place for all future generations. These statements of action or lifestyle are meant to help synchronize our efforts to be of benefit for all beings on this planet.


We live in a world where life and happiness thrives. In this world, life exists in a balanced way, there is an abundance of resources for everyone, all beings have equality of rights, people have the freedom to pursue their true passions, people voluntarily work together to complete goals, there are no borders other than natures borders, and people take responsibility for helping life and happiness to thrive in their own lives, community, and world. 


Earth Citizens work to shift our consciousness/body, matter/energy, social systems, world vision/culture, population, and environment to support sustainable living and happiness via personal or group non-violent actions.


We are not bound by rules, but by agreements. We choose to seek the truth and live by moral codes that help life and happiness to thrive. 

Earth Citizens Strive to:

  1. Be happy
  2. Be aware
  3. Love all beings
  4. Live sustainably
  5. Understand and act on the truth
  6. Live peacefully amongst others
  7. Live in harmony with nature
  8. Cause no harm to others

Note: Anyone can be an Earth Citizen no matter his or her social status, gender, ethnicity, culture, nationality, spiritual belief, or life conditions. Also, these are agreements, not rules.


The best possible ethical or moral code to live by:

  1. to abstain from killing or causing suffering to any being; to promote a natural life for all beings.
  2. to abstain from lying; to tell the truth.
  3. to abstain from stealing; to use only what is free or given for fair trade.
  4. to abstain from sexual misconduct; to have consensual sexual relationships.
  5. to abstain from intoxicants; to consume that which allows for natural healthy living. 
  6. to abstain from trespassing; to respect others space while sharing the same world.

– All beings include humans, animals, insects, trees, cells; any life.


  1. “We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson
  2. We all have the right to resources that provide life, security, and happiness.
  3. We all have the right to live in a healthy safe clean environment (home, city, rivers, air, etc.).
  4. We all have the right to evolve to our highest potential: physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually.
  5. We all have the right to freely express ourselves as long as it does not hurt others or the environment.


These values are meant to act as a cycle of discovery for anyone who holds the same values and the cornerstones for working together to help life and happiness to thrive.

  1. TruthBeing honest and seeking to humbly understand and unbiasedly experience the true nature of reality.
  2. NatureObserving, respecting and living in balance with our natural world and honoring the sources of life; the Earth, Sun, and Universe.
  3. PurposeHaving a unique and passionate mission that energizes you, expresses your special gifts, and supports the abundant sharing of beauty, happiness, life, peacefulness, resources, time and love with all.
  4. StewardshipCultivating an honest, non-violent, volunteer, compassionate, responsible, and collaborative global culture that utilizes the unique skills of our diverse cultures to creatively and compassionately tackle the core challenges of our world.
  5. EthicsAlways seeking to live in harmony with nature's laws and collaborating with others in a honest respectful balanced way, allowing for compromises to support all parties, and honoring and loving all beings in the same way we honor and love ourselves.
  6. VisionHaving positive and flexible long-term plans that account for the consequences of present actions on the scale of 100’s to millions of years.
  7. SimplicityUsing only what you truly need and focusing on the few most important actions versus all the actions that create the desired result while seeking to create the most harmonious, sustainable, beautiful, and efficient forms of energy exchange that honor and respect human, man-made and environmental resources.


These responsibility are the core elements to ensuing life and happiness thrive on this planet.

  1. Maintain Balanced Planetary Life Conditions – Life exists on Earth so it is critical we understand and make sure those conditions that allow for life to exist continue to exist.
  2. Allow for Thriving Ecosystems - Life on the planet depends on biodiversity, so it is critical we understand and work to make sure the number of species on the planet are increasing or at least stabilized.
  3. Create Sustainable Abundance of Human Needs - We have to make sure everyone has an abundance of resources to ensure people do not feel the need to take from others if we wish to offer people the chance to evolve towards true happiness.
  4. Build Healthy Relationships with Everyone - Collaboration is the key for us to be able to allow for life and happiness to thrive on the planet so it is critical we know how to develop and maintain healthy relationships.
  5. Grow a Stewardship Culture with a Wise World View - The culture we live in shapes our beliefs, actions and realty so it is critical that we live in a culture strives to help others have access to the wisest information and supports others to evolve to help life and happiness to thrive.
  6. Foster Ethical Science and Technology - The science and technology we develop can be used to destroy or help us thrive so it is critical we keep a clear understanding of the risk and precautions we must take with developing and using science and technology.
  7. Create Moral Life - We are creating life in the universe so it is critical that we ensure the consciousness of the life we create has moral code for helping life and happiness to thrive.


These are the key markers to reach to ensure life and happiness thrives on the planet.

  1. Earth Life Point – optimal life producing conditions (i.e. temperature, energy flow, etc.) exist on the planet. There is zero pollution so we can drink the rivers, breathe clean air, etc. There is an increase in biodiversity on the planet.
  2. Social Life Point – All social systems and cultures support the global family or Earth Citizen Vision. Society has an abundance of life needs. People are happy and voluntarily working as stewards of life and happiness on the planet because they are motivated by their passion to help others and the environment. All science and technology is clean and integrates with nature; everything is organic and silent.


  1. All live sustainably and in harmony with the environment.
  2. All have access to clean air, water, food, energy, shelter and transportation.
  3. All feel safe from any threat (i.e. others, disease, or natural disasters).
  4. All have healthy bodies and minds.
  5. All have healthy relationships with family, friends, and neighbors.
  6. All have access to the highest forms of wisdom.
  7. All get to grow their passions in life.
  8. All live in a beautiful healthy environment.
  9. All get to follow their spiritual path.