Nature: Honoring Life

Nature: Honoring Life


 Understand, Define, and Live in Alignment

We strive to understand, define and live in alignment with the natural laws that allow for life and happiness to thrive.

“Nature has its own laws and it is in our best interest to acknowledge them and align our behavior accordingly. We must be prepared to find out that what we think to be true today will be updated tomorrow. This is the emergent nature of knowledge. We learn from our mistakes. All errors are really gifts, for they can bring us to a higher level of understanding.” - Jacque Fresco (1916 - present)

Nature is the Source of Life

The nature value is dedicated to observing, respecting, and living in balance with our natural world and honoring the sources of life; the Earth, Sun, and Universe.


  • Energy must be present for life to exist.

  • Balance is required to thrive.


  • Life exists here because of the interaction between the sun, moon and earth.

  • Life is intricately connected and depends on a functioning whole; biodiversity provides stability to adversity and life.

  • There are limited resources and space on planet earth for life.

  • The conditions for life can be changed by natural events (lava flows, sun, meteor, etc.)

  • The conditions for life are inherently unstable and always are changing.


  • To live we must breath, eat, drink, excrete waste and maintain temperture.

  • Suffering exists because we crave.

Nature Quotes

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. — Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
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