Vision: Shaping Direction

Vision: Shaping Direction



We imagine living in a world where each individual freely choose to ethically use our ever increasingly technological power, lives simply yet with abundance, feels joy even in hardship and serves others so that life and happiness may thrive.

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” - Dalai Lama (1935 - present)

Vision Shapes the Future!

The value of vision is dedicated to having positive and flexible long-term plans that account for the consequences of present actions on the scale of 100’s to millions of years.

A Type 1 Civilization and Beyond


In the future, we imagine living in an ethical society with the mental and technological power to transform our world. In this world, life or biodiversity is increasing in a balanced way; we experience an abundance of resources, equality of rights, and freedom to pursue our true passions; people voluntarily work together in a tribe like style to complete community and global goals; and we use our technological capabilities to help us meet all of our responsibilities, with special attention to helping us control our planets life producing conditions, such as climate, radiation exposure, volcanoes, etc., so that life and happiness can thrive on Earth and beyond. 


In this society, each individual makes ethical choices to help life and happiness to thrive not because we have too, but because we have experienced the truth within ourselves, both physical and mental, that unethical choices make us unhappy and destroy, while ethical choices make us happy and allow for life and happiness to thrive.


As we choose to share a common set of that define our moral code; empower democratically voted wise ideas, people and groups with idea democracy; ignite the power of hundreds to billions of us acting as one force or as one mind in one time in synchronized global non-violent actions; work to create abundance of resources by creating local and global security of resources; create zero products and services that have zero harmful impact; rank all issues and solutions in a zRank system to help us focus on taking action on the most important risks and solutions; and finally operate a life economy or a purpose driven economic system that allocates natural, manmade, and human resources to the wisest ideas for sustainable living and happiness.


As we move beyond Earth, we will continue to pursue the goal of helping life and happiness to thrive. We recognize the fragile nature of life and the ease at which the universe or our own choices can destroy life, so we will take every precaution to ensure we do not destroy life in the universe. We plan to synchronize with other life and share our wisdom so that more beings have the opportunity to be truly happy. We feel that the universe wishes life to exist so that it may evolve, so that it may better understand its self, surroundings, purpose and future, so that it may not only exist, but be happy.   

Vision Quotes

The reform that is needed is not anti-capitalist, anti-american or even deep environmentalist; it is simply the transition from short-term to long-term thinking. From recklessness and excess to moderation and the precautionary principle. — Ronald Wright - A Short History of Progress.
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Where there is no vision, there is no hope. — George Washington Carver (1861 - 1943)
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