The EarthCitizen Resources Project

The EarthCitizen Resources Project


I. Summary

We are developing an archive of resources people can use to empower themselves and others that focus on managing our key responsibilities for helping life and happiness to thrive on the planet.

II. Suggest

Click Here to make a suggestion. We love help. The collective voice is much better at finding the best resources.

III. Structure

i. Categories

  • Books, Documentaries, Films, Music, Programs, Websites, etc.

ii. Areas

  • Arts, Community, Economics, Education, Environment, Health, Infrastructure, Governance, Justice, Media, Relations, Science, Spirituality, World Vision.

iii. Responsibilities

  1. Maintain Balanced Planetary Life Conditions
  2. Allow for Thriving Life Ecosystems
  3. Create Sustainable Abundance of Human Needs
  4. Build Healthy Relationships
  5. Grow a Stewardship Culture with a Wise World View
  6. Foster Ethical Science and Technology
  7. Create Moral Life

Global take actions, new product releases, and more.