The EarthCitizen Type 1 Civilization Systems Project

The EarthCitizen Type 1 Civilization Systems Project


I. Summary

We are documenting the Type 1 Civilization systems, both in operation today and in the future, for helping ignite idea democracy (i.e. the empowerment of wise ideas), transition to a life economy (i.e. planetary resource monitoring and management) and transform into a Type 1 Civilization (i.e. ethical/sustainable civilization with advanced technological abilities to manage planetary systems). These system include items like planetary monitoring systems, voting systems, sharing systems, resource allocation systems, sustainability ranking systems, and more. We will focus on the systems that help ignite idea democracy and the life economy.

II. Goals

  • Empowers Wise Ideas socially, economically and politically
  • Targets the most sustainable solutions for living on our planet
  • Strives to operate based on sharing resources, idea ranking, and volunteer labor.

III. Features

  • Secure Systems
  • Data linkage to ideas
  • Idea Empowerment
  • Idea Ranking
  • Idea Voting
  • Political Voting
  • Crowdsource Funding
  • Crowdsource Collaboration
  • Planetary Monitoring
  • Planetary Resources
  • Planetary Metrics